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MiCollect's Recognition by Alexandra Instituttet - Pioneering Sustainable Pathways

MiCollect is proud to be acknowledged in the catalogue by Alexandra Institutet about frontrunners in the journey towards sustainability. In May 2023 Alexandra Instituttet published their catalogue which pays tribute to businesses championing the cause of sustainability and leading the way in innovative solutions. It’s a testament to our commitment that out of numerous enterprises making strides in sustainability, we found a special mention among the top inspirations.

Dive into the inspiring catalogue and see how businesses are reshaping their future: Alexandra Instituttet's Catalogue.

MiCollect’s Digital Solution: The Enabler of Circular Business Models

It’s not just our mention in the catalogue that thrills us; it's the profound understanding and appreciation of our digital solutions. As Trine Plambech, Director of Digital Sustainability at Alexandra Instituttet, pointed out, "The chip and its associated platform are what make the circular business model possible." This sentiment resonates deeply with our core vision, and we couldn't be more honored by the recognition.

For a deeper dive into the discussion on the transformative power of digitalization concerning sustainable transition, tune into the podcast featuring Trine Plambech and Steffen Max Høgh, the host of Bæredygtig Business. The conversation delves into the collaboration of Wehlers and Letbek A/S with MiCollect and our pioneering digital solution from minute 32 onwards.

Catch the full conversation here: Bæredygtig Business Podcast.

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