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  • Merete Pedersen

MiCollect at the DI Handel and Lifestyle & Design Cluster Webinar

Blockchain’s Role in Trust and Transparency

Blockchain technology has been a game-changer in various industries, and its potential impacts on fashion and design are vast. At MiCollect, we're always keen to share our insights on how innovations can reshape traditional landscapes, and we were thrilled to be part of a recent discussion on this topic.

A Glimpse into the Webinar

On March 31st, DI Handel and Lifestyle & Design Cluster organized an informative webinar exploring the role of blockchain in increasing trust and transparency in the fashion and design sectors. We were honored to participate and shed light on our experiences and insights.

Blockchain: Always the Answer?

One of the central discussions was whether blockchain technology is always the solution in the quest to establish trust and transparency. It's an essential question, considering the buzz around the technology. The webinar delved into scenarios where implementing blockchain makes sense, and instances where other solutions might be more appropriate.

MiCollect's Contribution

We took the opportunity to introduce participants to MiCollect’s digital platform. Our platform's core strength lies in enhancing transparency and traceability in value chains. In an era where consumers as well as businesses demand to know more about the products they purchase and their journey, we believe our platform serves as an invaluable tool. Additionally, with increasing emphasis on sustainability, our digital solutions are designed to support circularity – a significant step towards a greener and more conscious industry. Click here to access the webinar.

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