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Environmental, Social, and Governance - ESG


9 - Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

A functioning and resilient infrastructure is the foundation of every successful community. To meet future challenges, our industries and infrastructure must be upgraded. Therefore, we are creating innovative sustainable technologies to ensure equal and universal access to information. This will bring prosperity, streamline workflows, and make sure that we build stable and more circular consumerism across the globe. Furthermore, our technology helps  businesses connect on data which gives valuable insights to future development and innovation.

12 - Responsible Consumption & Production

We must learn how to use and produce in sustainable ways that will reverse the harm that mankind has inflicted on the planet. Our focus on responsible consumption derives from our dearest vision: Circularity/Circular economy. Our technology can help businesses’ environmental impact by making it easily accessible for their consumers and themselves – hereby making the process of production and consumption more transparent, incentivizing responsibility and a more circular agenda.

13 - Climate Action

Pollution from the furnishing industries is at a critical place, where businesses need more insights as to why their products are being incinerated or sent to landfill instead of being recycled. MiCollects technology will help businesses understand what initiatives they need to be taking to have a longer lifespan. Furthermore, it will help them communicate directly to their consumers through their product – adding value from both sides. Our technology can be a piece in the puzzle of bringing down the CO2 emissions per year whilst making the data more accessible for all partners.

Policy brief & purpose

At MiCollect, sustainability is of high priority. We aim to make furnishing less polluting and add value by utilizing data and insights. Our focus primarily consists of the goals which help move the circular economy forward. At the same time, we try to accelerate innovation in industries, where data often sits in silos and digitization is needed to unlock opportunities in  processes and workflows.

UN Sustainable development goals

Seeing the vision?

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