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Our Aspiration

At MiCollect we aspire to connect and engage companies and customers.

We want to enable transformation for sustainable business growth,

unlocking new economic opportunities for all!

About us.

MiCollect connects and engages companies, customers with a data and information system based on digital tagging, traceability and transparency of products across product lifecycles. 

MiCollect’s digital platform for documentation and insights is an enabler of transparency and transformation for the good of future circular business models. 

Initial focus of MiCollect is the branch of Furniture.


By giving companies the possibility to utilize data from their analog products and using it for the better, we try to push the sustainable agenda. This is done by helping companies find their customers needs from a real-time perspective and making changes that ensures longevity and adds value.
To exemplify, Furnishing has a negative impact of 10.78 million tons waste annually in EU28. 80%-90% of the EU furniture waste is incinerated or sent to landfill with only ~10% recycled. At MiCollect we are aware that our product and services might not be the inevitable solution to the problem - however, we do think that it’s a big step on the way.

Data and  insights can be used by companies  to iteratively improve products based on real-time data - hereby, ensuring a deeper understanding of  the products in the hands of their customers.
From a  customer's perspective,  our products can help fuel the intimation of recycling. This is done by digitally  tagging the products - hereby -  adding their own values and stories to the products. Also the transparency might make the decision making more complex for the customer who wishes to buy better for both the planet and themselves adds value. 


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