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  • Merete Pedersen

MiCollect's Journey at the LOOP Forum 26-27th April 2023: Insights, Engagements, and Collaboration

LOOP Forum stands as a pillar for professionals looking to craft a sustainable future. MiCollect proudly marked its footprint this year by engaging in insightful discussions, showcasing our innovative solutions, and networking with other industry pioneers.

Our stand buzzed with activity as attendees sought insights into the world of data and transparency within the circular economy. We highlighted our offerings and engaged in two talks that brought out the nuances of a sustainable future driven by data.

MiCollect Takes the Stage

Our participation wasn't just limited to networking; we had the honor of being featured not once, but twice on the LOOP Forum Stage 2. The first engagement, held in collaboration with Wehlers, revolved around the demand for transparency and the challenges that come with it. This discussion highlighted Wehlers’ anticipation for transparency and how our partnership has catered to this demand. Our second engagement delved into the intricacies of data in the circular economy. We discussed the potential of data, digital solutions, and technology in spearheading innovative circular business models and the barriers that arise as the data demand surges.

Live at the Forum

Throughout the two-day event, attendees had the chance to interact with us in person at our stand where we focused on transparency and circular economy. With two scheduled stage appearances, we were excited to provide attendees with comprehensive insights into our areas of expertise.

A Successful Event

Loop was a success, and our collaboration with Wehlers was incredibly rewarding. Engaging discussions, insightful queries, and the flow of knowledge made this event memorable. We appreciate Wehlers, DI - Dansk Industri, and Erhvervsstyrelsen for giving us the platform to share and gain insights. The success of this event was due to each participant, and we thank everyone who stopped by and made our experience enriching.

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