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  • Merete Pedersen

MiCollect's Presence at 3daysofdesign's Circular Furniture Days

From June 7th to 9th, Copenhagen swarmed with design enthusiasts, sustainability enthusiasts, and industry professionals. We proudly displayed our innovative solutions at the Circular Furniture Days held during the 3daysofdesign festival.

Situated in the beautiful gardens of the Design Museum Danmark, MiCollect welcomed attendees to a dive into a digital platform tailored for circular economy transparency.

Conversations with purpose

A highlight of our presence was undoubtedly the panel discussions that underscored the urgent need for traceability and transparency in design. We discussed the possibility – "Can traceability increase the export of design?"

The following dive into the role of data in the circular economy was eye-opening, to say the least. We hosted an enlightening discussion with industry experts Louise Bünemann from DI - Dansk Industri and Anders Arenfeldt Holm from the Danish Business Authority. Together, they discussed the upcoming EU legislations, created to re

shape the landscape of sustainable businesses. Louise provided a comprehensive look at mandates like ESRS, which compels businesses to report on various environmental factors, paving the way for increased transparency. Anders elucidated the facets of the Digital Product Passport, emphasizing the crucial role of data sharing across the spectrum.

With these monumental EU legislations on the horizon, the message from both Louise and Anders was clear and urgent: businesses must accelerate their transparency and data-sharing endeavors to stay ahead and compliant.

Reflections and Revelations from 3daysofdesign

Our involvement in the Circular Furniture Days has been enlightening and transformative. Engaging with experts like Louise Bünemann and Anders Arenfeldt Holm deepened our understanding of the impending EU legislations. Their emphasis on data’s role, especially with the Digital Product Passport, solidified our belief in data-driven sustainability.

Additionally, the event pushed the notion that traceability is no longer just a bonus but necessary. With the upcoming EU mandates, like the Sustainability Reporting (ESRS), the digital product passport, and the Anti-deforestation Regulation, businesses are introduced to a new era of transparency and proactive action.

This experience has not only enhanced our knowledge but has also fine-tuned MiCollect's direction. We are committed to pioneering a data-driven, circular future. The 3daysofdesign event was not just a showcase, but a profound learning experience, shaping our mission and aspirations.

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