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Wehlers - Enhance product transparency  

Wehlers has launched furniture that is made up of recycled and sustainable materials, ensuring that they are making the necessary actions to join a circular economy through repairs, reusing and recycling their furniture. 

Our work with Wehlers aim to show transparency through a set of products in order for them to obtain deeper learning on their products in the hands of their customers


Read the article from Bo Bedre here:

With Wehler's ECO system, you can see where the plastic material in the particular chair you're sitting on has been picked up – and when. You can see when the chair was produced and when it was sold. If you sell the chair, you can transfer ownership to the new owner, and thus you can follow your chair's history and the sustainable journey it goes through.
"Wehler's Eco system gives the buyer an insight into their furniture that is unique. Instead of talking about sustainability for the overall production, we take the circular idea to a new level where everyone can follow the individual product. It is a unique documentation of our mission: to recycle, reuse and repair to ensure that the plastic we collect never ends up in the oceans again," says Founder of Wehlers Henrik Holm.
A side effect of Wehler's ECO system is therefore that your chair has a built-in anti-theft protection, because with your mobile phone you can instantly see if the seller is in fact the owner of the chair – or if it is a counterfeit product.

Ensures transparency

The technology behind Wehler's ECO system is created by the Danish entrepreneurial company MiCollect, which develops technological solutions for a more sustainable industry.
"MiCollect wants to ensure transparency on products that can support increased recycling and longer product lifetimes as well as to avoid greenwashing. The solution we have created for Wehlers is proof of this. Full transparency for Wehler's R.U.M. chairs, which are just as Wehlers says: An ECO system that works and secures the earth's resources for future generations. A circular business model," says CEO and co-founder of MiCollect Merete Skov Pedersen.
At present, the technology is established on the R.U.M collection, and it will be rolled out to Wehler's other products soon.

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