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Lifestyle & Design Cluster - IOT in lifestyle products

A LDC project aiming to demonstrate how and why companies in the fashion and lifestyle industry can integrate IoT into their products, so that they are at the forefront of customer expectations and demands for transparency and traceability.

In this project MiCollect partnered with Wehlers, a Denmark-based sustainable furniture brand and FORCE Technology, Denmark’s largest research and technology organization (RTO). 

Our Focus of Study

The likelihood of furniture requiring repair, is influenced by usage, the quality of care and maintenance by users. To address the challenge of predicting the need of repair, our study centered on testing how to monitor usage of lifestyle products.   

During our project we utilized IoT technology to capture a set of data from a selection of furniture driving insight on usage of the furniture. These insights of relevance to make customer recommendations and notifications on timely and proper care and maintenance - all for the purpose of increasing longevity of furniture.

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Force Technology (

Lifestyle & Design Cluster - Exhibition in Lifestyle Lab Cph


Lifestyle Lab Cph is a community for entrepreneurs that want to make a mark on the lifestyle business, often with an environmentally friendly and green agenda. 


Lifestyle Lab is a meeting place for startups within the circular economy and digitization and must ensure innovation in the lifestyle industry and support growth for new brands.

At Lifestyle Lab we have an exhibition running which demonstrates MiCollect’s solution. Meet brands such as Mogens Hansen, Wehlers and Louis Poulsen and access the circular story of some of their products. 

The branded products at the exhibition are all tagged with a MiCollect chip and by the use of MiCollects mobile application you can access  and learn more about the furniture and its history!

Through the MiCollect application, you have the opportunity to get to know the furniture and the material better due to enhanced traceability. 

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