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Our Product In Depth

MiCollect uses a combination of software and hardware to effectively capture and digitally display data on physical products. 


At MiCollect we offer a solution of tagging physical products, attaching a unique digital ID and digital twin for  data capturing throughout product life cycles. Tagging enables product traceability, intelligence and connectivity, providing stakeholders across the value chain a tool for product verification, seamless access and sharing of essential product data and information - always updated and communicated in a consistent way!



(Enriching products with data is key for enhanced traceability)

The extended information requirements are today very often challenged by data sitting in silos. To face this challenge MiCollect offers a smartdata system to capture and log data across stakeholders, systems and formats ensuring a transparent flow of information - for enhanced traceability and accountability at speed!



MiCollect product tagging and the development of a seamless flow of data and information unlocks transparency, giving you the opportunity to improve and transform. Utilize MiCollect’s suite of insights tools for improved impact as well as digital customer and partner engagement tools to support your innovative and circular business models.

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