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What are your products going to tell?

Unlock future growth by knowing your ecosystem

Unlock growth opportunities by engaging customers and partners on product data and insights across your circular value chain. Your growth starts with us.


Save time accessing and evaluating supplier data

Bring data together to drive product traceability and prepare for evolving customer demands, global regulations and reporting requirements.

Engage customers on sustainability

Share your story on every item, inform customers and partners about product materials, origins, impact and services to encourage the circular lifecycle.

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Tag. Trace. Transform.

MiCollect provides a digital platform enabling transparency for the good of future circular economies. Hereby improving consumers’ understanding of the benefits of circular solutions. Furthermore supporting transparency and traceability across the supply chain. MiCollect connects and engages companies with their customers through  a data & information system based on digital tagging, traceability and transparency of products.



Your growth starts with us

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